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Grow Your Own Large Mealworms for Bait

 Are you looking for a great live bait worm for your fresh water fishing trip?  Need your bait ready when you are?  Then grow your own mealworms and start catching fish like crazy.  Every fisherman knows that meal worms make the best bait.  Those giant mealworms that you get in the bait shop  catch the best fish.  They don’t require refrigeration, heat, or much care at all.  They just require a few products that you probably have in your house right now.  Want to bet? 

1.  A container of some sort.  Plastic works best.  A plastic bowl is fine.  A sweater box can be used if you want to grow thousands of worms. 

2.  Grain of some sort.  Wheat or Bran cereal will work well.  Bread crumbs will also work.

3.  A slice of potato, apple or a carrot.


I told you that you probably had what it takes to grow mealworms with the stuff around your house.


You will need a starter culture of mealworms.  You can get those online at  

or you can get a cup at a bait shop. has some pretty low prices for 1000 meal worms.  Place about an inch of food in your container and give them a slice of potato or other veggie.  Change that slice daily.  They will drink from it.


In a couple weeks you will notice that some of the worms will begin to turn into an odd shaped white thing that does not eat or drink but will wiggle like crazy when you touch it.  That is a mealworm pupae.  They will remain like that for about a week or so and then will become a beetle.  The beetles don’t fly.  Remove the beetles and place them in a similar container with food and potato like you did for the worms.  Once you have a few beetles they will begin to lay eggs in the food.  You can leave them in there until they die.  Twenty or more beetles will grow you all of the mealworms you will ever need.


In a couple weeks after a mass of beetles are in your container, you will begin to see tiny movement.  These are the worms.  The eggs are very small and the baby mealworms are small too.  It takes a couple weeks to see them.  In about two months you will have big plump worms to use for bait or for feeding birds and reptiles.  Bearded dragons and Geckos love meal worms.  So do Blue Birds.  If you have extra, feed the birds.  They’ll love you for it.

Grow the mealworms out at room temp.

That’s it.  The cycle can repeat forever if you care for them.


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