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How to Catch Earthworms for Free Bait


Earthworm hunting is a very easy and inexpensive way to get free bait.  All you need is something to dig with and something to place the bait in once you find some.  Overturn logs, look under piles of moist leaves and look under rocks to find wiggly friends.  The best time to go out is after a rain in the Spring Summer or Fall. I have found Spring and Fall to be the best times to hunt for worms in my lawn.  Go out to your lawm at night and shine a light on the ground.  You should see the worms glistening.  Professional worm hunters use a light on their hat to keep their hands free.

Grasp the worm underneat the collar that is apparent on most adult worms. That is the bumpy area toward one end of the worm.  Hold the worm firmly and don’t pull.  Just hold and apply enough pressure to keep the worm from going back into the hole.  Eventually it will give up and will slowly be pulled from the hole.


Good Luck!

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