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DVD Inshore Saltwater Fishing: Bays, Inlets & Sounds, Bays, inlets and sounds offer a diverse range of species of saltwater sport fish and for the most part, are easily accessible by small boats. Conservation efforts and changes in commercial and recreational fishing laws in many areas of the nation have accounted for an improved habitat and stable populations of fish. This has resulted in a huge increase in the popularity of inshore saltwater fishing and the number of anglers who prefer light tackle. Join host James Marsh and his guest Tom Mann, a true fishing legend, as they fish the bays of the Florida Panhandle. Discover the methods, strategies and techniques they use to catch trout and other inshore saltwater species. Spotted seatrout, commonly called speckled trout and ladyfish, a member of the tarpon family, are the main species targeted and taken. Speckled trout are found from the South Texas Coastline around the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys and north along the Atlantic coastline all the way to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Ladyfish, called the "Poor Man's Tarpon" are an acrobatic sight to behold, especially when they are taken on light tackle. DVD Menu: Introduction, Lure Color, Trout Habits, Speckled Trout, More Tide, Ladyfish, Water Temperature, Water Depths, Spider Hawk Action, Big Lure, Methods, Rat Reds & Big Ladyfish, Dribbler Grub, Signs of Trout, Blue Runner, Tackle, Baitfish Signs, Inshore Saltwater Fishing, Tides, Safety, Trolling Motors, Spider Hawk.

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