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Frieda’s Assorted Fingerlings

Frieda's Assorted Fingerlings are one haute potato! This rising star of the culinary world has been making center plate appearances in chic eateries across the nation and are now available to play a starring role in your next gourmet production. Grown for flavor and hand-selected from fields high in the Colorado Rockies, Frieda's has chosen the "cream of the crop" varieties for this delicious assortment, including the rich and buttery Russian Banana, the red-streaked French Fingerling with a nutty, hazelnut flavor and the earthy, sweet Ruby Crescent. Prized for their ability to soak up the flavors they are cooked in, these versatile tubers are exceptional braised in wine or broth, roasted with fresh herbs and olive oil or sliced and fried into fingerling fries with homemade ketchup or aioli. Pair with chicken, fish or beef dishes, or use their unique shape as the ultimate "finger food" with dips and fondues.

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