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The Biodome Garden Book: The only greenhouse design that needs no electrical ventilation or humidifying system.

QUOTES FROM THOSE WHO KNOW: "Even before the advent of biodomes, experimentation had already begun with domed enclosures that could sustain year-round gardens. At the forefront was Patricia Watters, author of the “The Biodome Garden Book,” the premier book on passive-solar biodome greenhouse gardening. When Watters constructed her first biodome garden 30 years ago, even the most forward-thinking gardening communities hadn’t conceived of a solar-powered, weed- and pesticide-free, waist-level greenhouse capable of producing its own food (in the form of aquatic animals), which could, in turn, feed organically grown vegetables using minimal water." (WHOLE LIFE TIMES MAGAZINE) ”Located in the Brewer Park Community Garden, the biodome garden is a modular designed circular raised bed linked to a fish tank that sends nutrient rich water to order to grow vegetables. A dome roof is added to the raised bed and fish tank in order to extend the growing season with the possibility of growing vegetables year round. It is a structure of superior strength which can handle harsh weather conditions, including strong winds and snow. The atmosphere within the biodome garden is naturally humidified with a wind-powered ventilation system. In size, it will be 16 (sixteen) feet in diameter and eight (8) feet high." (OTTAWA BIOSPHERE ECO CITY INITIATIVE). “May as well start off with the most comprehensive food production system that I have ever come across. A wonderful lady named Patricia Watters has written a book on how to construct a system that not only produces produce, but also fish, (a great protein source) in an environment that does not require sprays or the traditional heating and electrical expenses associated with green house systems. The dome itself should fit into most back yards." (GEOFF LAWTON – PERMACULTURE INNOVATOR) FOR PHOTOS AND INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIODOME GARDEN PLEASE GO TO: www.biodomegarden.com

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