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Aquaponics Solar Powered Aeration System with Pop-up Tankage

This is the perfect way to add a small pond or fish tank almost anywhere. All you need is a standard automotive type battery, fry, feed, water, and the sun to produce a safe, high protein food. The PopUp Pond sets up in only minutes and last for years. The PopUp Pond is self supporting and comes with a solar powered aerator. It's semi-translucent sides means that you can view the fish life through the sides of the PopUp Pond was well as viewing downward from the top. This PopUp Pond 45 gallon model is 30 in. in diameter and 15 in. in height. The PEC solar powered Aquaponics aerator can support the oxygen and mixing needs of up to 50 lbs of actively feeding fish. In normal operation it is able to store power for up to 3 cloudy days in a row , 24/7. It provides 2 liters per minute of air at a depth of 3 ft.

Upgradeable with 200 mg/hr Ozone generator.
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