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Zebco 808 Saltwater Fishing Reel with 1BB/7-Feet 2-Piece MH Saltfisher Fishing Rod

Offering true saltwater protection, this Zebco combo pairs a saltwater-grade 808 spincast reel with a 7-foot, two-piece rod, giving you the tools you need to hit the open water with confidence. The 808 spincast reel offers such features as a smooth ball-bearing drive, a 2.58:1 gear ratio, and 150 yards of pre-spooled 20-pound test line. The rod, meanwhile, offers medium-heavy action, making it strong enough to land larger fish.
About Zebco
Watchmaker, barber, and inventor R.D. Hull founded Zebco in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1949, in conjunction with the Zero Hour Bomb Company. The latter company, which manufactured electric time bombs designed to fracture oil wells, was looking to expand beyond its initial product and its expiring patent. Zebco's maiden reel was called the Standard, and was soon to be joined by the Model 22 in 1953. The Model 11 and Model 33 followed, helping popularize the notion of landing larger fish with lighter tackle. Dozens of products and patents later, Zebco still pays tribute to the legacy of R.D. Hull with every rod and reel the company produces. The W.C. Bradley Company purchased Zebco in 2001, but the company headquarters remains in Tulsa.

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